For the University College “LOGOS” building partnerships with organizations outside the institution, is fundamental in accordance to the accomplishment of its vision and mission. University College “LOGOS” collaborates with institutions and organizations of various types within and abroad, such as higher education institutions, government institutions, health institutions, professional organizations, business and service organizations.

These collaborations and partnerships enable practical experiences for students, exchange of academic staff and students mobility, provide employment opportunities for the graduated students, enable joint research activities, trainings, providing consulting and expertise and technology transfer. Through these collaborations, the University College “LOGOS” conveys its best experience to partners and contributes to the society development.

In the framework of the Strategic Development Plan 2018-2024, the University College “LOGOS”, has set several objectives in the field of national and international cooperation aiming to increase and to expand partnerships at the national and international level to support teaching, learning, research, students` employment and exchange of experiences.

Partners of University College “LOGOS”