We aim to change lives and increase human potentials through innovative study programmes that train professionals to serve to this diverse world. Faculty members are not just leaders in their field of study, but also excellent mentors and trainers who inspire others to grow and learn. Graduated students will contribute in the well-being of generations.

The faculty aims to have qualitative graduates able to face through competence and tolerance modern society problems, to find new ways to integrate the natural and human world not just through in depth research of each discipline and interdisciplinary spheres, but also hoping to meet the many challenges of the future.

Great attention is paid to Theology, Greek Language and Civilization and Pre-school Teaching, as well as scientific research, psychology, teaching methods of various subjects in the field of education.

Students are taught to help anyone despite abilities, behavioral characteristics, mental and physical health, as well as applying training methods.

Student’s life is not just about studying, but also about joining several students group like athletes, artists, ideators, volunteers, and those aiming to talk about professional and pedagogical topics. You will be impressed by the attractive student’s life.