"Logos" University College has completed the first phase of its strategic development as a university college and has passed to the second phase of development that aims to gain the status of university.

The Strategic Development Plan 2018-2024 defines the types of changes and means of transformation of “LOGOS" University College from University College to university. "LOGOS" University College aims long-term achievements that will be realized through this development plan. These goals are related to our heritage and values, but are also defined keeping in mind a rapidly changing context. The Strategic Development Plan sets out an ambitious program for ‘LOGOS’ University College.

The implementation of the Strategic Development Plan includes three processes: changing the culture, changing the structure, changing the process. We will monitor progress against our priorities, commitments, goals and objectives using standards and performance indicators. We will maintain the focus on the Strategic Development Plan, ensuring that it continues to meet academic needs, enable us to respond to the external environment and update it as needed.

"Logos" University College has set six strategic priorities:

  1. Strategic Priority 1: Institutional Development;
  2. Strategic Priority 2: Meeting academic standards of excellence;
  3. Strategic Priority 3: Conducting research for the benefit of the development of society;
  4. Strategic Priority 4: Building and expanding partnerships;
  5. Strategic Priority 5: Internationalization;
  6. Strategic Priority 6: Quality Assurance.

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