LOGOS University College participates in the “Bologna Hub Peer Support” project, aimed at transferring knowledge and skills for capacity-building in key-elements of the Bologna process in HEIs of the European HEA. Coordinated by the federal Ministry of Education and Research and the German Agency for Academic Exchanges (DAAD), the project was co-financed by ERASMUS+. The Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Albania has been among the key-partners of the project.

With the support of the mentor nominated for LOGOS University College, Prof. Dr. Volker, Gehmlich, LOGOS developed the capacity of its academic and support staff members through two training sessions (01.10.2022 and 27.06.2022), three consulting sessions attended by LOGOS coordinators, Assoc. Prof. Konstantinos Giakoumis and Assoc. Prof. Spartak Bozo, as well as through participation in an international conference with experts, consortium partners and other stakeholders. The entire support process contributed to the development of capacities in the fields of new study programmes development, curriculum revision processes, quality assurance and the convergence of organizational culture with the mission of the institution.

- Session II - Tuesday, 28.06.2022, 12-14h - all faculty
1. Harmonisation of study-programme aims & objectives with the LO of its courses & modules
2. Quality Culture and Quality Assurance
3. Organisational Culture at LOGOS

- Session II.2 - Wednesday, 29.06.2022, 10-12h – Rectorate, Deans & administrator
1. Development of new Study-Programmes
2. Curriculum Revision

Slideshow of “Bologna Hub Peer Support” (download here)

Brochure, Seminar on Academic Pedagogy

Brochure, Seminar on Academic Pedagogy (Download here)