Professional Master in Social & Practical Theology

Professional Master in Social & Practical Theology

Professional Status of the Program

The professional master’s program entitled “Social and Practical Theology” is supported by the five-year experience of the bachelor’s program in Social Theology and the Science of Religion. This master will be extremely valuable for the graduates of this program, but also for all those in the specialties related to social work and service to social groups with special care and attention (patients, elderly, young people). It may also be valuable for graduates of other Humanities and Social Sciences, leaders of religious communities and teachers of all levels, in order to understand the role of religion and theology in eliminating religious prejudice in society, in eliminating violence and promoting the values ​​necessary for progress and peaceful coexistence in society.

Graduates of this program can work in institutions belonging to religious communities, in services and institutions that provide assistance to citizens, in services related to social work, but also in educational institutions and schools of all levels.


The purpose of the program is to develop knowledge and research in the field of applying the values ​​of Theology at a practical level in society, to better understand the religious traditions that are in Albania and to strengthen a framework of cooperation, dialogue and action to serve the social needs of people facing insecurity, abandonment, social, economic or other difficulties.


The Study Program aims to give participants the necessary skills for sociological research and the practical application of the values ​​of Social Theology to address and prevent issues with the coexistence of religious communities and social peace. Graduates of the Master of Social and Practical Theology study program will have scientific and professional training with advanced knowledge in this field, will have sufficient knowledge of the religious traditions found in Albania, will cultivate the skills of awareness to understand and solve social issues that negatively affect vulnerable social groups and will familiarize themselves with contemporary Ethics and Bioethics issues that plague modern society and understand the basic principles for dealing with them.

Admission Criteria

The Master’s Program in “Social and Practical Theology” accepts students, holders of the first degree from the Higher Education Institutions (Universities) of the country and Institutions abroad, of all university faculties, who must also know the English language (level B1 high). Knowledge of the Albanian language (level B2) is mandatory for foreign students. Of course, priority will be given to holders of a first-cycle diploma in Social Theology and a diploma in Social Work. The program will accept 20 students for each academic year.

Detajet e programit të studimit(Mund ti shkarkoni dhe në formantin .pdf në link-un e mëposhtëm)

DownloadCurricula of Professional Master in Social & Practical Theology

First Year

No. Name of the subject/activity ECTS/Total
1 Interreligious Dialogue 6
2 Counseling I (vulnerable groups) 6
3 Pastoral Theology/Practice I 6
4 Sociology of Religion 6
5 Academic Writing: Theory and practice 6
6 Counseling II (youth and adolescents) 6
7 Pastoral Theology/Practice II 6
8 Internship 6
9 Thesis 12
- Totali ECTS 60